About WPScholor

WPScholor is a free WordPress resource site  with a motive to help people with tutorials and blog. Our videos and blog articles are easy to follow.

We believe in “learn more in less time”. Most of the videos on Youtube are very long which makes it difficult to follow and learn. Our videos are 10 – 15 minutes with a complete guide to design your own websites. It makes it very much fun.

If you’ve ever stuck on an issue related to your site, you want to learn making WordPress sites and doing cool and amazing things, Or any other questions related to WordPress, then you’re at right place. 

How it all begins?

My name is Usama Shoukat and I am the founder of WPScholor. 

It all begins in 2017 when I completed my schooling, I got to know about online learning and Web is my 5th standard love.

I got to know about WordPress in 2019 and fall in love with it. I started using WordPress for all my clients because of ease of use. 

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This presented a number of difficulties: PDF manuals and one-on-one walkthroughs were both time consuming and inefficient.

Then, I created this Blog to help new users to learn about WordPress make learning it easy.

At the time, I am a one personteam but in future will have more team members with a good experience. 

I write articles and record video tutorials to help you guys through my knowledge and experience, as much as I can. 

I am a developer and the content on WPScholor is writtern and recorded by a developer for developers. 

My motive is to make this blog one of most knowned free WordPress resources, where you can learn about about WordPress and make money using your site or by any other possible way like freelaning. 

If you have any questions, you can mail me at alternatively you can contact me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Also, please subscribe to my Youtube Channel.

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