Want to add users to Google Analytics? Adding users in Google Analytics is something that you’ll need when you are working with a team. Let’s first discuss a bit about Google Analytics and setting it up. It won’t take much time.

So, in this article, we are going to see what is Google Analytics and How you can add users to Google Analytics? Why is it important to use it? And How to set up Google Analytics?

add users to Google Analytics

Why Google Analytics is important?

Google Analytics is a tool or a WordPress plugin that most website owners use to see the traffics insights of their website. Once you start a blog, you need to know a bit deep about the audience you are reaching and whom you want to reach. So, here Google Analytics is a game-changer.

As it will give you insights into the people who are visiting your site, how much time they spend, what they are searching for, and everything you want to know about them while they are on your site, to increase the traffic. gif maker

So, further exploring it, you can see

Who visits your website?


This part of analytics answers what is the geological area of your crowd, which program did the user use to visit your site, and other significant data, for example, screen goal, JavaScript support, Flash help, language, and more.

This information is incredibly valuable, and it can help from numerous points of view. While getting a special craft, you can utilize the client information to ensure that your site will be viable to your crowd.

What do individuals do when they are on your site?

This will give you information about what users are doing on your website, how much time they spend on your website, and let you know about the bounce rate(Bounce rate is the percent of users who exit your site on the first visit).

This will help you decrease the bounce rate and increase the page views of your website.

It’ll also allow you to know about the piece of content which is popular among the masses, and also the content which is not very much appealing to people.

When do people visit your website?

By watching the most well-liked hours within the day for your site, you’ll pick the time once you publish your post.

If that point zone isn’t compatible with yours, then you can schedule your post to satisfy that hour.

How do people find your website?

This section of the analytics shows you where did the users come from (for example Search Engines, Direct Links, Referral links from another site).


It also shows you what percentage of your visitors came from each of those sources. Google Analytics gives you the breakdown of every one of those categories.

If it’s the program category, then it shows you which of the program got you the foremost traffic, Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

The breakdown of referral sources shows you which of the sites you would like to figure with the foremost.

If your top referral source is Facebook, then you would like to possess exclusive Facebook content to form your Facebook audience feel special.

If your top referral source is an external website, then you would possibly want to think about having a partnership thereupon website (guest PX or something else).

So, for this article, we are assuming that you already have signed up for Google Analytics and installed it on your website, to keep it short and to the point.

How to add users to Google Analytics?

Google Analytics allows you to add users to share your data and give them permission to do things like manage users, edit settings, etc.

You may be asked by your developer to grant access to your Google Analytics account in order to troubleshoot any issue.

So, instead of giving them login credentials, you can simply add them as users to Google Analytics and set permissions as you want.

Add users to Google Analytics

STEP-1: First of all, you need to sign in to your Google Analytics account in order to add users to Google Analytics and then hover your mouse to the bottom left of your screen to the Admin tab.

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STEP-2: After that, you’ll see the following page with three-level

1- Account

2- Property

3- View

Three Levels

If you want to add a user to the account level then just click the Account User Management.

If you want to add a user to the property level then just click the Property User Management.

Similarly, if you want to add a user to the view level then you can simply click View User Management.


After choosing the level, the rest of the procedure is the same for all three levels. So, we are continuing with Account User Management.


By clicking on the Account User Management, you’ll see the window to add the user.

In order to add the user, just click on the add button, located at the top right corner.


STEP-3: Now, Click on the Add Users


STEP-4: Once, you click on the add users, then you’ll see the following window, where you need to add the Email address of the user you want to grant access to and check the permission boxes you want to give them.

STEP-5: After doing all this, just click on the Add button, on the top right corner, to add the user.


Congrats, Now you know How to add users to Google Analytics. 🙂

In a similar way, you can add users to property and view level too.

How to remove users from Google Analytics?

Suppose if you want to remove users from the Google Analytics account.

In order to remove users, the first thing you need to know that which user you want to remove. I mean, at the account level, property level, or at the view level.

Suppose you want to remove the user at the account level. Follow up the all process till STEP-2 

You’ll see the users that have access to that level. Suppose we want to remove the user, that we just added at the account level.


In order to remove it, click on the three dots next to the user


Now, click on the Remove Access


You’ll see a window like below. Now, simply click on the Remove button at the bottom right corner.


The user will be removed.

I hope that this article helped you to learn about Google Analytics and to add users to Google Analytics. Do check out my article on How to add users to Google Search Console.

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