WordPress vs Blogger is the first comparison that comes to your mind when you are starting a blog. A lot of people stuck her in choosing the best platform to start. Well, we can help.

In this article, we’ll compare  WordPress vs Blogger side by side and show you the differences that matter. Our goal is to help you decide which is the better platform for your needs.

WordPress and Blogger are the 2 hottest blogging platforms on the web. They both let you create a blog easily. However, they work quite differently, and each has specific pros and cons.

wordpress vs blogger

Note: This comparison is between self-hosted and Blogger (not vs Blogger)

Overview: WordPress vs Blogger?

This debate, WordPress vs Blogger, can get pretty confusing at times. Many users like BlogSpot because there are fewer technical hassles, and lots of users love WordPress due to its increased power and features. When someone asks me which platform they ought to start with, here is my usual answer:

Start with WordPress for a month, and once you get accustomed to blogging, start a new blog on the self-hosted WordPress platform.

Alternatively, you’re liberal to use as your launchpad blogging platform but don’t stick with it for too long.

I say this from experience because I started my blogging journey with BlogSpot and then migrated to WordPress.

I still have a blog on Blogger for some reasons about which I’ll talk in some other article, but I mostly use WordPress for every kind of business.

Back then, there was a hell of a lot of learning experiences trying to figure out WordPress. But now, learning WordPress is quite easy with the help of detailed guides, tutorials, and videos.

It can be seen in the screenshot that in WordPress vs Blogger battle, WordPress is the most popular and in-demand CMS.

wordpress vs blogger

What is WordPress?


WordPress is free open-source software that permits you to simply create an internet site, blog, or web store. Started In 2003, WordPress now powers quite 38% of all websites on the web.

You can download the WordPress software for free of charge and use it on as many sites as you would like.

To create a blog in WordPress, you’ll get to buy a hosting plan and a website name, so you’ll install WordPress.

It sounds a bit complex at first; however, it is pretty simple with tons of user-friendly tutorials on Youtube and other sites.

What is Blogger?


Blogger is a free blogging service from Google. Started in 1999 by Pyra Labs, it was acquired by Google in 2003.

Blogger is a free blog hosting service that allows you to create a blog without paying anything in the least. You also get a free Blogspot subdomain.

However, you can buy a custom TLD or any other domain through 3rd-party domain registrars, and then you can connect it with your blogger site easily.

As the name suggests, Blogger makes it easy to get up and running with a simple blog.

All you’ll need is to make a free profile, which needs a Google account. Then, you’ll build a replacement blog right away.

Design Options in WordPress vs Blogger

Whenever WordPress vs Blogger comparison comes, appearance is a popular topic.

The appearance or design of your blog plays a crucial role in attracting visitors and keeping them around.

Your blog design must provide a great first impression to interact with users and reduce your site’s bounce rate.

The design also must make your blog easy to use and navigate to enhance the time spent on your blog.

Design options in WordPress

In WordPress, there are thousands of free and premium themes, making it easy to pick the right theme for your blog.

There is a WordPress theme for any sort of website you’ll consider regardless of what your site’s about, you’ll find many high-quality themes that are easy to switch and customize.

You can find a set of seven,400+ free WordPress themes on the official themes page. If you attend Appearance » Themes in your WordPress dashboard, you’ll search ‘blog’ to seem at the themes specifically designed for blogs.

You should find quite 2,000 free blog themes:

blog 1

And, you’ll get more themes from third-party theme providers like Elegant Themes, Themeforest, and Astra Themes.

Not only that, but you’ll also use the straightforward drag and drop WordPress page builders like Elementor, WP-Bakery and, Brizy to style stunning landing pages easily in WordPress.

Design options in Blogger:

Blogger allows you to do customization on a particular level. It provides a limited number of templates that are basic. Many of the blogs are using those templates.

You can choose the color and layout of the template using the blogger’s inbuilt tools. But you won’t e ready to make many customizations in it if you didn’t have any experience in coding.


There are some premium templates for bloggers but they’re less in numbers and furthermore, you’ve got to pay to use them.

Limited customization options and little range of template doesn’t give blogger much design options.

Winner: WordPress

SEO : WordPress vs Blogger

When we create a blog or site very first thing that involves our mind is how can we get traffic from Google on our site. So, here comes the role of SEO. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) allows you to rank on google and obtain more traffic.

In WordPress vs Blogger comparison, SEO plays an important role.

SEO in WordPress

If you’re using WordPress, you don’t get to worry about SEO in the least. Because WordPress provides you variety of themes like Yoast SEO and Rankmath to enhance the SEO of your blog or website.

These aren’t just words; I’m speaking from my very own experiences. a couple of years back, once I first started writing and designing websites, I knew nothing about SEO.

Then I got to know about YOAST SEO – WordPress plugin for SEO. it had been a game-changer on my behalf because it offers suggestions to form readable text, allows you to optimize meta descriptions, use keywords, image alt texts, internal links, headings and subheadings, custom URLs, and more.

In my opinion Rankmath – a WordPress Plugin for SEO provides you options for free that are available in Yoast SEO premium one. So, I prefer Rankmath. We’ll discuss it in later articles.

You can try other plugins also to optimize images, modify XML sitemaps, or generate them, integrate your blog with Google Analytics, and more to reinforce your blog’s SEO.

SEO in Blogger

As Blogger offers no plugins, you’ll not be able to automate SEO aspects as you can do with WordPress.

Blogger is true for somebody who is already conversant in SEO practices or is ready to seek out it additionally.

However, you’ll optimize your content by customizing permalinks, page titles, headers, image alt text, add keywords, hide some pages from search, and more.

Security: WordPress vs Blogger


In WordPress vs Blogger Security is another essential aspect to consider when selecting your blog platform. If your site is blacklisted or hacked, you could lose months or years of hard work.

Managing Security in WordPress

WordPress is quite secure, but since it is a self-hosted solution, you’re responsible for security and backups.

The good news is that there are plenty of WordPress plugins that make it easier for you.

For example, you can use UpdraftPlus or VaultPress for creating a backup, and Sucuri for web-application firewall to improve site security.

Managing Security in Blogger

Using Blogger, you have the added advantage of Google, a secure platform. You don’t need to worry about managing your server’s resources, securing your blog, or creating backups.

However, if Blogger goes down, your site will too … along with all the other sites hosted on Blogger. You can’t do anything to recover your blog when the Blogger site is down.

Winner: Tie

Support – WordPress vs Blogger

Support is another critical factor to believe in WordPress vs Blogger comparison. Check whether there is a reliable network to help you out once you would like it.

Support Options in WordPress


WordPress has a very active community support system. There are question-answer forums for every theme and plugin on For example, this is often the official support forum of the favored coming soon plugin SeedProd.

If you’re using paid WordPress products, then you’ll get even more dedicated support from their creators. Hosting Companies also provide your live support.

Even with free plugins, you might be able to get help and support if you get stuck.

Check our guide on Installing WordPress plugins.

Support Options in Blogger

There is limited support available for Blogger. Its documentation is very basic and you have limited choices.

You can click on the help option in your Blogger admin panel to determine support tutorials as shown within the image below.


Since it’s a free service, Google can’t provide one-to-one support to individuals using Blogger.

Winner: WordPress.

Pricing – WordPress vs Blogger

In WordPress vs Blogger fight, You don’t want your blog to be a huge money drain. Equally, you don’t want to become so hooked on “free” that you simply struggle to grow your blog.

It is important to know what your blogging platform is going to cost you in terms of money and opportunities.

Cost of Making a Blog in WordPress

The WordPress software is free, but you would like to shop for a hosting plan and name to start out a blog.

With Bluehost, you’ll get a WordPress hosting plan and a domain alongside it.


Once you’ve set up your blog, the ongoing cost depends on the services you want to use. If you employ paid themes and plugins, which will obviously cost quite using free ones.

However, paid themes and plugins also can bring you an excellent return on investment if you’re monetizing your blog.

Cost of Making a Blog in Blogger

Blogger is an entirely free blogging service. It provides free blog hosting and a free Blogspot subdomain to urge started. Blogger is completely free to use. However, there are some third-party templates like IDEASMAG for which you have to pay.

If you would like to use a custom name with Blogger, you’ll need to pip out from a website registration company like

A domain name typically costs $14.99 per annum, but you’ll get a reduction with a coupon code.

Ultimately, while the Blogger platform is completely free, it lacks many features you’ll get to make your blog successful.

Winner: Tie.

Conclusion: WordPress vs Blogger – Which is Best?

WordPress and Blogger both are widely used blog platforms. But since you would like to settle on one, it comes right down to the aim of your blog.

If your goal is to form a private blog and share your stories, then you’ll choose an easy platform like Blogger.

But if you aim to make a knowledgeable blog that can earn a living, then you’d sort of a strong and scalable platform like WordPress.

With WordPress, you’ll add a store to your blog, create a membership website, and add plenty of marketing tools to your blog, and earn money.

We hope this WordPress vs Blogger comparison helped you understand the pros and cons of every and helped you create the proper decision for your blog.

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